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Our Business Units


iMasteryLabs provides a comprehensive solution for assessment, personalized learning and instruction content needs in your classroom. With our Augmenta Suite of products we are reimagining how teachers teach and students learn for K-12. Learn more


Intellijiv is all about augmenting your learning, it’s a publishing and consumption platform which offers rich interactive game based learning, smart assistance, personalized learning, assessment, learning analytics, knowledge discovery, content insights and supports mindfulness and EQ in your enterprise. Learn More


Rankerprep is for competitive exams, we are blending educational technology, artificial intelligence and adaptive content to help students achieve more. It is built for self-paced learners who want to learn a particular skill or prepare for some exam. Available in mobile and web interface, it provides access to marketplace where students can buy personalized content from various publishers. Learn More


SilentLevel brings mindfulness and E.Q. into your organization. At SilentLevel we aims to make mindfulness, body work and systemic work as an integrated practice. Learn More

“At AI Technologies we aspire to kindle and sustain a lifelong love for learning and thereby actualize the amazingness of every individual we touch.”