Deep cognitive learning plateform


For Students and Professionals

A personalized learning recommendations creates a unique learning environment for the student, where he/she can thrive. Through accurate measurement of student’s proficiency, areas of strengths or weakness are identified and scaffolded with content recommendations. Ultimately, Intellijiv deep cognitive learning will empower the individual to focus on improvement.

For Teachers and Coaches

An easy-to-use Learning Analytics dashboards  provide objective and actionable data about both individual and group learning. Intellijiv deep cognitive learning will help teachers understand each student’s or groups proficiency,  engagement and performance through a real-time learning profile. This can help teachers effectively, manage resources and pinpoint areas of instructional focus.

For Administrator

Intellijiv learning analytics engine will give administrators objective metrics, insights and data visualizations that reveal what works in their institutions. The feedback can guide resource allocation, improve teacher effectiveness and identify top-performing practices.

For Parents

The student’s progress dashboard will empower parents and guardians to view their child’s progress on specific learning elements as well as overall performance.  This can help them assist their child’s learning process, particularly at home.

For Content Provider

Intellijiv content insights will enable content provider to analyze the effectiveness of their content and other learning tools using causal and crowd sourced data feedback mechanisms to reveal demographic usage, learner preferences, content retention and achievement.


Learning on the GO


Personalized Plan

Yours personalized plan for preparing for Competitive exams.

Smart Recommendation

Powered by smart learning recommendations from Intellijiv.

Targeted Learning

Targeted learning where speed and accuracy matters.

Smart Analytics

Smart learning analytics to track progress.


Collaborate with your friends to learn better.

Competitive Exam

Supports any competitive exam.

Differentiated Instruction for your classroom


Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated instruction for your classroom.

Learning Recommendation

Personalized learning recommendations powered by Intellijiv

Smart grouping

Make students work as groups or work as individuals

Analytic Dashboard

Analytic Dashboards provides information of Student who needs attention and who are excelling. Also skills that need attention is also shown.

Content Support

Supports K-12 Content.

Professional Development and life long learning

Professional Development

Service Heading

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